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Lowongan Kerja PT Djarum Indonesia

We are the leading manufacturer of kretek in the world. For more than 50 years, we have delivered high-quality kreteks to ensure our customer satisfaction. Our well known brands, such as Djarum Super, Djarum Black and LA Lights, are sold in numerous countries and already become international best sellers. Our success comes from diverse array of highly talented people who are fueled with passion for performance, dedication and being consistently innovative. Our environment is all about teamwork, integrity and mutual respect.

We are searching for people with shared passion, dedication and values to join our team as:

I.Quality Management Staff (Code: QMS) – (Jawa Tengah – Kudus)


* Quality Management System Staff is responsible for developing and auditing company quality system procedures to the required standard. This position is responsible for working with Lead Auditor in documenting and reporting non-conformance(s). You might be eligible for this position if you have bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering or Chemical Engineering from reputable universities with GPA of more than 3.0. This position is based in Kudus, Central Java.

II.Business Unit Service Staff (Code: BUS) – (Jawa Tengah – Kudus)


* We urgently need some personnel to support the use and exploitation of IT applications and systems in the company. You will be assisting IT users in their use of IT applications and helping them troubleshooting any difficulties. You will also have to contribute to the development and installation of new systems. In order to be seriously considered, you need to possess a bachelor degree from well-known universities with GPA of 2.8 or above. You must be professionally able to utilize PC platform and its applications, especially Windows XP professional suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access). Willingness to extensively travel throughout our sites nationwide is mandatory. This position is based in Semarang, Jakarta, or Kudus – Central Java.

III.Marketing Research (Code: MR) – (Jakarta Raya)


* Our marketing researchers are to develop research method such as create questionnaires, interview target market and analyze data. They also need to have strong quantitative and analytical skills. Those who hold a bachelor degree in Statistic/Psychology from any reputable university with GPA more than 2.75 are encouraged to apply for this position. Candidates must also be willing to extensively travel throughout our sites nationwide. Preferences will be given for those who have strong basic knowledge in statistics. This position will be based in Surabaya.

IV.Creative Brand Promotion (Code: CBP) – (Semarang, Jakarta)


* Candidate will be placed in our Marketing department and will be responsible to create and design our promotion activities. Candidates who apply require a bachelor degree from Multimedia or Marketing from reputable university with GPA of more than 3.0. This position will be based in Semarang or Jakarta

PT Djarum Indonesia
Jl Aipda K S Tubun 2c no 57 Jakarta 11410.


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