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Lowongan Kerja Manager di PT Garuda Indonesia

Our client is a state-owned Republic of Indonesia opened an opportunity for employees in positions at:


See Position Specification
1. Managerial On Managed Care Unit
2. Managerial On Pharmacy Unit
3. Managerial Finance In Unit
4. Managerial In Clinical Services Unit


1. Applications can only be sent via the application on-line (click the link to register on-line at the bottom of the post specification).
2. Applicants must have an e-mail addresses are still active person to be able to follow this selection process. We do not serve the e-mail address is either input by the applicant
3. After filling the application form and send it back to the on-line, applicants will receive confirmation of registration. Confirmation of registration number will be used during the selection process. You can not receive the registration e-mail if e-mail address that you input wrong or is not active, so you can not log in for further announcements.
4. Applicants may only be allowed to do one-time registration on-line to make sure that you have selected the appropriate office position, and write down all the data correctly, before pressing the SEND button.
5. Applicants must fill out an application with the data / information in truth because this data will be properly clarified during the verification of documents / information.
6. Period of time on-line registration is 12 s / d 21 November 2009
7. Applications that come in after the deadline for registration is considered invalid.
8. Result of selection decisions are absolute and inviolable.
9. At each stage of selection, only the best candidates who will follow the next selection stage.
10. Candidates who passed through announcements on the website and the website of Garuda PPM and the PPM will be contacted by Management as an Independent Consultant to enter into the next selection stage.
11. Recruitment and selection process is not free of charge. Travel expenses to attend the selection be borne by the applicant
12. The announcement of the administration and selection of eligible applicants further selection can be viewed at the website-www.ppm began on 28 November 2009, at 21:00 pm.

B. IMPORTANT to prepare:

For those of you who pass the selection and administration declared, will be asked to attend the Phase I tests which will be held in Jakarta on the location and time will be determined by carrying documents and completeness as follows:

1. Identity Card is still valid, original and photocopy.
2. Photocopy of certificate in accordance with educational requirements and has been certified by authorized officials
3. Copy of transcripts that have been legalized by the competent authority
4. Photocopy of certificates and other relevant skills:
1. Insurance experts Certificates Health (AAK) applicants for the position of Special Management In Managed Care Business Units
2. Pharmaceutical Expert Certificate (SIK) applicants for the position of Special Management In Pharmacy Unit
3. Have the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) / Certified Accountant special qualification applicants for the position in Managerial Finance Unit
5. CVs of data that must be downloaded from the www.ppm after you log in, biographical data that have been completed be submitted in print form
6. Participants card selection to be downloaded from the after you log in.. Please complete and submitted in print form
7. Employment Reference Letter or other letter like SK appointment / task of strengthening the work experience that has been filled in application form on-line when applying for

more info please visit
close 21 Nov 2009

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