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Lowongan CPNS LIPI 2009

RECEPTION INFORMATION CPNS LIPI 2009 This page gives you written instructions all the processes and procedures based Acceptance SIPC CPNS LIPI LIPI 2009. Information on this page is always updated at any time, for it make sure that you always visit this page periodically, particularly in the follow every stage of Acceptance CPNS LIPI. Because there may be some schedule changes, etc. according to new regulations set by the Government through BKN / MenPAN. To facilitate print this page, you can create a print version PRINT VERSION using the link at the bottom.

Terms CPNS LIPI Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia. Duty to God Almighty. High integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Not a Candidate Based Servants / Public Servant at other institutions. No status as members or officials of political parties. Not once dismissed as not to respect civil servants or private employees. Was never sentenced to prison by a court decision which has had permanent legal force. Willing to be placed in all regions of the Republic of Indonesia or other countries determined by the government. Behave. Physical and spiritual health. Having the necessary competence. At least 18 years of age. Age as high as 27 years for applicants educated D3; 30 years for S1-educated applicants, and 35 years for applicants educated S2 and S3. Age limit is calculated based on the determination of the plan in accordance with TMT MenPAN CPNS, on December 1, 2009. Age last diploma as high as 4 years for D3 diploma; 6 years for diploma S1, S2, and S3. A minimum grade point average for applicants educated S1, S2, and S3 was 2.75; for D3-educated applicants is 2.70 to 4.00 scale. The main application file is printed directly from the site after SIPC LIPI registration process. Photocopy of the last educational qualifications legalized. For the admission process CPNS, Diploma of Education last required, while the Certificate of Graduation NOT APPLY. Copy of educational transcripts that legalized last. Copy of ID Card. Copy of title pages and abstracts of the final project / thesis / dissertation. For those who have the dedication to the private institutions that are legal entities, must attach a copy of a valid photo decree / proof of the first and last appointment General Conditions: The subject is also some special requirements for CPNS LIPI: The documents required to File Application: If there is, can also be attached supporting certificates.

for more info please visit: CPNS LIPI

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