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Lowongan PT Pertamina (Persero)

PT Pertamina (Persero) is a corporately owned Negara (BUMN) which the field's oil and gas (oil) in Indonesia. Currently, Pertamina is committed to encouraging the process of internal transformation and sustainable development, to achieve international standards in the implementation of the operational governance and a better environment, and increasing the performance of the company as the target together. As the national oil company, Pertamina is committed to achieving a balance between achieving the benefits to the quality of public services. With 51 years experience in the environmental challenges facing the geology of Indonesia, Pertamina is a pioneering development of liquid natural gas or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Pertamina, including the scope of business in the oil and gas exploration and production, refinery processing, manufacturing and marketing of energy products and Petrokimia; development of vegetable oil, geothermal energy resources and alternative energy.

Operations and infrastructure facilities in all Pertamina of Indonesia. Pertamina to serve the energy needs for more than 220 million people of Indonesia.

In order to strengthen competitiveness to the national oil company and a world-class gas, PT. Pertamina (persero) the need reliable professional to fill the position:

Direktorat Hulu ( Eksplorasi dan Produksi )
Planning & Evaluation
EPTC (Exploration & Production Technology Center)

Direktorat Pengolahan ( Refinery )
Unit Pengolahan

Direktorat Keuangan
Keuangan Bid. Hulu
Keuangan Bid. Hilir
Manajemen Resiko Bisnis

Direktorat Umum & SDM
Manajemen Aset
Procurement Excellent Group
Human Resource

Direktorat Pemasaran dan Niaga
Pemasaran BBM Retail
Renstrabangus (perencanaaan strategis & pengembangan usaha)

Sekretaris Perseroan
Sekretaris Perseroan

Close date: 31-08 2009

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komentar said...

kok penerimaan pegawai pertamina ini tidak ditampilkan persyaratan umumnya ????......

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