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Lowongan CPNS Departemen Perindustrian Indonesia

Ministry of Industry to open the opportunity for Indonesian Citizen graduates Strata 2 (S2), Strata 1 (S1) / Diploma IV (D. IV), Diploma III (D. III) / Bachelor degree, a candidate for the Civil Affairs Officer in the Ministry of Industry .


1. Requirements Applicants:
a. WNI bottom aged 21 years and up to 30-year high on October 1st 2009.
b. Have qualified for the required education.
c. Applicants come from a Department Accredited by the Ministry for education Strata 2 (S2), Strata 1 (S1) / Diploma IV (D. IV), and B for Accredited Diploma III (D. III) unless the Academy of Technology with a specialization Skin.
d. Not been punished in prison or jail based on court decisions that have a permanent legal force, because doing a criminal crime.
e. Not been dismissed with honor at the request does not own or not with respect as a civil servant / military / police, or dismissed with no respect for private employees / employee owned / BUMD / Cooperatives.
f. Does not hold as Candidate / Employee Affairs.
g. Behave based on the good record of local police.
h. Healthy physical and spiritual based on the information doctors
i. Willing to be placed around the area of the Republic of Indonesia, which is determined by the Government
j. Willing to compensate if received after, and then resign

2. Education Qualification

a. Diploma III (D3) / Bachelor degree: 89 formation
b. Strata I (S1) / Diploma IV (D. IV): 301 formation
c. Strata II (S2): 12 formation

Number of formation and educational qualifications required, are listed in detail in the Appendix this announcement.

3. Age on 1 October 2009

a) For Diploma III (D3) / Bachelor of age maximum 25 years
b) To Strata I (S1) / and Diploma IV (D. IV) aged up to 28 years
c) To Strata II (S2), the maximum age of 30 years

4. Cumulative Performance Index (GPA) scale 4

a) For Diploma III (D3) / Bachelor degree: a minimum of 2.60
b) To Strata I (S1) / Diploma IV (D. IV): 2.75 minimum
c). For Strata II (S2): 3.10 minimum


Time and Place of Applicants

1. Time of registration / registration online applicants was held on 27-31 July 2009. Opening of registration began on 27 July 2009 start 12.00 WIB hours and closed on 31 July 2009 hours 15:00 WIB.
2. Registration applicants are conducted on line through the Department of industrial sites:

Registrasi OnLine

Download Persyaratan

Download Formasi


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