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Lowongan Batavia AirLine

Batavia Air is the national airline operating the plane, the first Airbus A-319 since January 2006. Batavia Air currently operates over 150 flights per day and serves 29 cities in Indonesia and the purpose of Guangzhou-China and Kuching-Malaysia.

Batavia Air has 36 aircraft consisting of Boeing 737-200 aircraft, 737-300, 737-400, Airbus A-319 and Airbus A-320. Trust Us To Fly, has become the slogan of the Pilot Conference, accent, and professional workers in Batavia Air to provide the best service for customers. At this time we open the opportunity for professionals to join as:

1. Staff Export-Import (SE-I)
2. Man Store (SM)
3. Driver (drv)
4. Call Center Officer (CCO)
5. Security (scr)
6. Senior Staff (SS)
7. Engineers (Eng)
8. Mechanical (Mek)
9. QA Inspector (QA)
10. Avionik (Av)
11. FOR & Pilot (Pilot / FOR)
12. Flight Operation Officer (FOO)
13. Scholars Air accent

No requirements. 1-10:

a. Women (1.4), Men (1-10)
b. Max. 30 Years (2,3,5); max. 28 th (1.4); max. 40 Years (6-10)
c. D3 (1), Senior High School - S1 (2), min. Senior High School (3.5), Senior High School -D1 (4), S1 Engineering Flight (6)
d. Fresh graduate / Experience (4); Experience min 2 Years (1); Experience in the AMO 145 (6)
e. Control the process to export-import of goods (1)
f. SIM has a B1 / A (2-3)
g. have a security certificate training (5)
h. Domicile Cengkareng & surrounding areas (2.5)
i. Willing to be placed in Balikpapan (6)
j. Ready to work the night shift (2)
k. The computer can (2.4), can the internet (4)
l. Have AMEL License (7.9)
m. Have a license A1 & A4 / + course is a plus value (8)
n. Have basic Inspector Course (9)
o. Have license C1, C2 & C4 (10)
No requirements. 11:

a. Rated and current on license type B737-300/400
b. Current Medex
c. Own New English Proficiency Certification at least level 4
No requirements. 12:

a. Aged 21. 30 years
b. Education minimal Senior High School c. Works with both English
Applications for a way No. 1-12:

Send application, CV & recent photo, SKKB (write application code in the top left of the envelope) not later than 1 August 2009 to:

Jln. Ir. Juanda No 15, Jakarta Pusat 10120

For More info please visit Batavia-air

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