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Lowongan PT PLN (Persero)

PT. PLN (Persero)

Applications addressed to:

PANITIA Recruitment
PT. PLN (Persero)
(Implementation of a Test in Medan)
PANITIA Recruitment
PT PLN (Persero)
(Implementation of a Test in Aceh)

GENERAL Requirements:

1. Birth Year 1987 and thereafter
2. Year of high school graduation / CMS in 2007 and thereafter
3. Setting a minimum level of 160 cm and 155 cm Women's
4. Does not suffer epilepsy
5. ex-Pierced ears (except for women) or other body
6. Nothing tattoo
7. Weight proportional
8. Healthy spiritual and physical, not color-blind
9. Never use drugs
10. Ties are willing to follow the education office for 1 (one) year
11. Not yet married and are not willing to get married during the period of education and on the Job Training (OJT)

SPECIAL Requirements:

1. Sex Male
2. Soft lens maximum minus 2 and not astigmatism
3. Senior secondary science education majors with the highest average UAN 6
4. Education Departments SMK Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering / electric Strong Flow and Civil Engineering (Building) with a value of average UAN 6

1. Sex Laki-laki/Perempuan
2. Senior secondary science education majors / IPS with the average value UAN 6
3. SMK Administrative Education Department, Secretary, Accounting and Management Information System with the highest average UAN 6
4. Can operate the computer program (Microsoft Office) and the test will be conducted to prove

Applications mail with:

1. Copy of diploma / certificate / Graduate Certificate from the SLTA / SMK and Transcript legalisir in value.
2. Copy Akte Birth / Letters Know of Birth and a valid identity card / certificate from the village residency.
3. Curriculum Vitae / List of CVs which
4. Color class size latest 4 × 6 sheets of 3
5. Certificate Healthy Body, Weight Loss and the Higher Certificate and not color-blind from the Public Doctors
6. Letter itself materai over Rp. 6000, --
1. That was never involved in the Drug and other substance abuse Addictive.
2. About the ability to follow the education union office for 1 (one) years and not married in the education and the On the Job Training (OJT)
3. Will not require a certificate of recognition on the higher Diploma 1 (D1), which held, and are willing to be placed in the working area of PT PLN (Persero)
4. States are not in the union office and / or scholarships from other institutions.

1. Applicants complete address with zip code for the test call with the phone number / HP.
2. Writing the Code direction in the right corner of Envelope application. T for Technical and Non NT for the Technical


1. Correspondence is not held and letter of application only via the PO Box will be processed
2. Applicants are free of charge
3. Applicants who pass the selection stated on all the stages will be called the Education Scholarship Program is equivalent Diploma 1 (D1)
4. Applicants who can complete the Education Program Scholarships equivalent Diploma 1 (D1) in grains 3 and then passed the officer training program (OJT) will be appointed Officers and placed in all areas of PT PLN (Persero).
5. Letter of application that have been sent to the Committee prior to the announcement published stated this does not apply
6. DATA in the day when the mail application is not correct, then participants expressed Fall
7. File the application had been Reception Committee to become the property of the Committee so that it can not be taken back
8. Committee decisions can not be proceeded

Applications Received MOST SLOW
DATE 15 JULI 2009 (Cap POS)
More information visit the website:

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