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PT PLN (Persero) Wil. South Sulawesi, South Sulawesi Sulbar and opportunities for best graduate Vocational School (SMK) Engine Engineering Department, Electricity, and SMK Teknik Non majors in Accounting for education for one (1) year equivalent Diploma 1 (D1) and the employee will be appointed will later placed to fill the positioning - the position as follows:

No Position Code Requirement
/ Qualification Type
1 Plans OPKIT SMK Machine (Automotive Mechanical) Men
2 Plans Distribution / Transmission / GI OPDTG SMK Electricity (Electricity Industry, Electrical Installation, Engineering, Electric Power Utilization) Men
3 Accounting Labor AKUNT SMK (Non Technical Accounting Male /

I. GENERAL Requirements Applications:

Applications completed

1st Letter of application which include positions that dilamar and cover letter application on the left top position of the code written application.

2. Life list (CV) is signed.

3. Photo copy Ijazah / Certificate graduates passed the CMS 2005 and afterwards (according to the Classification above), photo copy Value End National Examination (UAN) with standard values subject Mathematics at least 7:00, a photo copy raport last year with the standard value of subjects Bhs. English, Physics, Mathematics for Engineering and CMS subjects Bhs. English, Mathematics, Accounting for Non-SMK Teknik 7:00 and a minimum value for other subjects at least 6:00. Above must file dilegalisir by authorities

4. Photocopy of birth certificate (birth years 1986 and thereafter)

5. Photocopy of identity card / Domicile Certificate

6. Certificate from a doctor who does not have a healthy physical, not color-blind and have a high body at least 160 cm.

7. Letter materai Rp. 6000 states that drug-free, are willing to be placed around the area of PT PLN (Persero) region of South Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, and if passed Sulbar education, does not have any official ties with other institutions, does not receive a scholarship bond offices of other institutions, a statement that the data on the application file (Ijazah photos, raport, the UAN, Akte birth, identity card) is true, and are willing to accept the resignation if sanctions next day found the data are not true and that statement will not require a time when the employee education program does not pass stated

8. Pas last color photo size 6 × 4 × 4 & 3 each of 4

1st Applications addressed to the General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Region of South Sulawesi, South Sulawesi and East Sulbar with the address PO Box No. 1208, letter application at the latest date of May 28, 2008 (postal stamp)

2. I only applicants who meet the above requirements is called the test

3. Test will be held in Makassar or elsewhere that will be determined later.

4. The test includes academic tests, Psikotest, Interview, and physical fitness test test test Health and other appropriate needs.

5. And No Address. Phone clear that applicants file applications on

6. The announcement can be viewed on the Website

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