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Lowongan Pertamina Gel 3

PT Pertamina (Persero) is a corporately owned Negara (BUMN) which the field's oil and gas (oil) in Indonesia. Currently, Pertamina is committed to encouraging the process of internal transformation and sustainable development, to achieve international standards in the implementation of the operational governance and a better environment, and increasing the performance of the company as the target together. As the national oil company, Pertamina is committed to achieving a balance between achieving the benefits to the quality of public services. With 51 years experience in the environmental challenges facing the geology of Indonesia, Pertamina is a pioneering development of liquid natural gas or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Pertamina, including the scope of business in the oil and gas exploration and production, refinery processing, manufacturing and marketing of energy products and Petrokimia; development of vegetable oil, geothermal energy resources and alternative energy.

Operations and infrastructure facilities in all Pertamina of Indonesia. Pertamina to serve the energy needs for more than 220 million people of Indonesia.

In order to strengthen competitiveness to the national oil company and a world-class gas, PT. Pertamina (persero) need the powerful professional.


1. Advanced computer use and application (especially the Open Office)
2. Preferably fluent in English oral and written.
3. Willing to follow the stages in the selection process, the cost to and from the selection of participants to be dependent.
4. This position is open to the public.
5. GPA minimum 2.75 (scale 4) to D3 and minimum GPA 3.00 (Scale 4) for the S1/S2
6. High body at least 160 cm for men and at least 155 cm for women

B. AGE Limit

* For groups of applicants D3: A maximum of 24 years (born after 31 December 1984)
* For groups of applicants S1: Maximum 27 years old (born after 31 December 1981)
* For groups of applicants S2: Maximum 32 years old (born after 31 December 1976)


1. Have high integrity and high commitment.
2. Willing to work in a situation full of challenges and pressure.
3. Energetic, full of perseverance, and able to work independently and in teams.
4. Having a good self-control, and a broad perspective.
5. Own initiative, encouragement and dedication of achievement is high.
6. like the work of a variety of detail and especially for functional work groups
7. And diligent in work have a high accuracy.
8. Terms of technical competence and experience can be seen in the terms in each position.


1. Applications can only be delivered through an on-line (click the registration link on-line at the bottom of the specification of office). There is no other path that is used for shipping applications.
2. Applicants must have an e-mail address of the active time to be able to follow this selection process. We do not serve the e-mail address is incorrect input by applicants. Applicants are prohibited from using e-mail address of the office or any other person for this registration process.
3. After completing the application form and send it back on-line, applicants will receive confirmation of registration. Confirmation contains registration number that will be used during the selection process. You cannot receive e-mail when the registration e-mails address that you input or wrong and is not active, so you cannot log-in to the next.
4. Applicants only allowed doing a one-time registration on-line. To make sure that you had written all the data correctly, before pressing the button SEND.
5. Applicants must fill out an application with the data / information is real because this data will be clarified with the correct implementation of the verification when the document / information.
6. The period of time on-line registration for groups Fresh Graduate is throughout the year (opened application). Announcement of the test phase and will be divided into several waves during the year. The period of time of registration on-line third wave began to be opened 7 April 2009 to 30 June 2009. The announcement is the third wave of 18 July 2009.
7. Applications that do not go on-line are considered not valid.
8. Results of the selection decisions are absolute and cannot be inviolable.
9. at each stage of selection, only the best candidates who will follow the next selection stage.
10. Candidates who pass through the announcement stated on the website Pertamina akan contacted to go to the next stage of selection.
11. Applicants are not permitted to contact the officer / employee relationship with Pertamina in the process of recruitment and selection and / or come to the office of Pertamina. Applicants permitted only come when there is the officially. Applicants who to contact / visit Pertamina than stated at the time of autumn tests.
12. Recruitment and selection process is not cost you anything.

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