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Lowongan Bank BNI

IT Manager
* Minimum S1 graduated from Computer Engineering / Information Management / Informatics Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Statistics / Computer Science / Electronics / Mathematics / Industrial Engineering from the University Affairs / Private and capable of leading in the field of IT. Graduates are preferred S-2 Engineering / General (from domestic or overseas), along the S-1 technique is derived from the PTN / PTS that bonafid
* GPA requirements are: PTN at least 2.75, least 3.00 PTS
* Works to actively English & Passive
* Works: Management Information System (dashboard, EIS, CRM), Oracle DBA with experience of Data Management Platform, or UNIX (AIX, Solaris, Linux) / Windows / Network Configuration (LAN-WAN concept), Basic Concept of IT Security & Risk Management, technical device security configuration settings, security and analysis products to a security incident investigation
* The Certification: Oracle / CCNA, MCSA, CCNP / CISSP is preferred if you have CISM & CEH
* Experience working in the field:

- Management Data Base (Oracle DBA) or a minimum of 3 years;
- Implementation & Maintenance enterprise system (H / W Network) at> 1 projects at least 3 years or
- Implementation of Intelligent Business system (Dashboard system, EIS / CRM) or
- Network Security / Information Security Management and a minimum of 3 years
- Project implementation ISO27001

* Age maximum 32 years
* Healthy physical and spiritual

Each applicant must complete the following data:

1. Summary of personal data, education, experience and expertise of the applicants in excel format that has been set (attached)
2. Appendix mail application, CV and other documents required (certificate, diploma etc.)

The data above can be submitted via email to:
Received at the latest on 20 May 2009

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