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Lowongan PLN

Recruitment Announcement PT PLN (Persero) Level S1/D3 Year 2009

1. Terms

* D3 or S1 Graduate
* Age Limit
- S1: Birth in 1984 and beyond
- D3: Birth in 1986 and beyond
* GPA:
- GPA> 2.75 for Engineering
- GPA> 3.00 for Non-Technical

2. Fill out and submit the registration data files through the application Stan PT PLN (Persero) in the UI Career Expo (27 - 29 March 2009) or to the CDC Office FTUI Engineering Center Floor Basic FTUI Depok, No. Telp: 021 - 788 49 080 ) until the date 13 April 2009. Applications Files:

* Mail Applications addressed to PT PLN (Persero) cq Deputy Director of Human Resource Development
* CV
* Copy ijazah / information is passed legalisir
* Copy the last transcript of legalisir
* Copy of identity card and birth certificate.
* Certificate healthy and not color-blind from general practitioners
* Latest Photo size 4 x 6 sheets of 2
* The statement in the top materai Rp. 6000, - which states that applicants:
Not involved in the abuse of drugs and other substances addictive
Willing to be placed throughout the country as if the employee received PLN

Applicants for the graduate program of the Cross Channel (D3 is forward S1), so that the completeness of files added to the above:

* Transcript of legalisir value D3
* D3 Ijazah the legalisir

3. One Applicants may only be allowed to choose one (1) position of the position according to field of study and level of education that is owned.

4. Participants and test locations will be announced by the CDC Website FTUI ( Website and PLN (

5. Test phases include:

* Selection Administration
* Test and Academic English
* Psychology test and group discussions
* Interview
* Health Test

- For more info, please visit, or

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