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Lowongan Bank BII

PT Bank Internasional Indonesia Tbk (BII) was established on 15 May 1959 and obtained the status of commercial bank income in 1988 and record security on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange in 1989 through a public offer of shares (initial public offering). Since then, BII growing into one of the leading national private bank in Indonesia with a vision of "Becoming Best Bank in Indonesia that provides Customer Service and Innovative Products World class".

To support our Internal Audit unit, we are currently inviting talents who seek new challenges to apply:
a. Team Leader - Development Audit
- Min. Bachelor degree, Accounting Department
- Over 3 years experience in auditing in the field of banking or audit consultant
- Good knowledge in banking operations
- Basic understanding of internal audit in the school
- Good communication and managerial ability
- Fluent in English both oral and written


Conduct a review of the project the task of developing the application system:
- Reviewing Business Requirement Document (BRD) and / or Functional Specification Document (FSD) application of the system that was developed to ensure that the system meets the design criteria of the needs and meet the required standard computer security applications.
- Create a paper review of BRD and FSD.
- Reviewing document UAT Plan.
- Reviewing the process of testing the system application (User Acceptance Plan).
- Reviewing the process of system migration applications developed to the production system.


- Have knowledge or experience of min. 1 year in the audit, particularly IT Audit
- Min. S1 Computerisasi Accounting, Engineering, Informatics, or Information System will take precedence
- GPA min. 3.00
- Works on accounting and information technology that affect the computer systems, particularly systems used in banking
- More prominent subject of the Computer Operating System (Windows, Unix), Database Management (Oracle) Systems and control applications or the other.
- Ability to communicate effectively
- Works with the English language both oral and written.
- More prominent for the CISA certification has

c. ODP Surabaya

* Min. Bachelor degree, from the discipline
* Max. 25 years for bachelor degree, max. 27 years to graduate
* Min. GPA of 2.75
* Good communication skills
* Good analytical thinking
* Fluent in English both oral and written

In the year 2009, ODP will be held across the country. ODP will conduct a quick selection in Surabaya, for placement in East Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara.
Interested candidates may send their comprehensive back with photos at this time shows the TL-AD in the subject line no later than 20 March 2009 to:


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