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Lowongan Kerja Enopi Pluit

Enopi Pluit is an after-school learning provider specializing in Math and English language education for children from Nursery to Junior High.

Enopi Pluit invites you to apply for the following permanent positions:
1. Instructor/Manager
2. Instructor
3. Assistant Instructor

1. The Applicant should have a sense of humor, a love of children, and be able to explain things clearly, create an atmosphere of mutual respect and fairness, and encourage pupil engagement, making learning interesting.
2. The Applicant should be flexible, able to reflect on her/his own performance and then to change it as needed.
3. The Applicant should have a good knowledge of math concepts and the skills to impart them to the pupils creatively.
4. The Applicant for Position 1 or 2 should have a good command of the English language. Basic English is required for Position 3.
5. The Applicant for Position 1 should have managerial skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to plan and act independently.

Job Location: Pluit, North Jakarta
Job Type: Permanent
Salary: Negotiable

Applicants should send complete CVs ASAP via:
1. Email:, or
2. Surface-mail/hand-carry: Enopi Pluit, Jl. Pluit Sakti Raya 91, Jakarta Utara.

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