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Info Lowongan Kerja PT Bank Buana (Persero) Tbk.

1. Staff Program and Process Development (Code : PPD)
Watching and ascertaining processs in effective operational, efficient and orient at cutomer. Design and execute non-training program which supporting Service. Design continual repair program (continuous improvement).

2. Staff Measurement and Assessment (Code : MA)

Design, executing service make an audit of and assessment for the employees of Office Of Branch and in the case of Service. Watching, analysing and feedback and sigh from cutomer
Identifying, solution alternative and analysis for every problems of arising out service.

For PPD dan MA

Mastering bank operational processs specially in CSO, Teller And Back Office. Owning interest in process analysis. Owning ability as Trainer Fasilitator. Active English (Oral and Writing). Ready to conduct journey out town. Oriented People, Creative, inovatif, and Ready to work in team. Mastering visio program PPD.

3. Account Officer (Code : LCM)

Education of Economic Min S1, majored by of Overseas grad. Maximum Age 35 years. Active English (Oral and Writing). Understand computer (MS Office). Experienced 1-3 years as Account Officer Commercial Corporate Banking.

4. Financial Audit Staff (Code : FAS)

Economic S1/ Management/ Computer Accountancy with IPK min. 2,75. Understanding computer ( MS Office). Can work in team swiftly and research. Ready to do journey out town. Majored is experienced of min 1 year as Internal of Auditor in Bank.

5. Operational (Code : BRC)

Male, maxs age. 40 years. Active English (Oral and Writing. Understand computer (MS Office. Can work in team. Experienced in monitoring Office Of Branch or take hold of as Supervisor Operational Bank.

6. Secretary (Code : SKR)

Woman, not yet merried. Education of D3 Secretary or S1 every which way. Can work swiftly and is hard pressed. Active English (Oral and Writing). Understand Computer Program (MS Office).

7. Support & Development (Code : SD)

S1 Computer / Informatika / Technique. Understand pemrograman algorithm / analysis system. Can communicate in English. Prefer : understanding banking system in general

8. Training Support (Code : S-Tr)

Min S1 prefer to have experience in same area of min 2 years. Active English (Oral and Writing). Mastering computer: Ms Office, Web program and Database. Can work in team and can communicate with is effective. Can work is hard pressed, readying overtime, and ready to be assigned out town. Understand statistic.

9. Training Development (Code : D-Tr)

Min S1 prefer to have experience in same area of min 2 years. Active English (Oral and Writing).
Mastering computer : MS Office. Can work in team and can communicate with is effective. Can work is hard pressed, readying overtime, and ready to be assigned out town.

sent vacancy to :
Human Resource Division
Street Gajah Mada No. 1A
Jakarta Pusat 10130
Or email to:

Info Lowongan Perusahaan (IT) Malang

Opening Vacancy as: ACCOUNT SECRETARY OFFICER (ASO) with task executing administration and bookkeeping, analyse project expense, observation of execution of project budget, enumeration and Iease reporting, make an audit of and analyse product.

General Qualification:
-Smart, loyal , dedication, ready to strive and able to lead team
-Corporeal health of rokhani, integrity, istiqomah, respectful, and have the interesting personality
-Ready to on duty out town, dissimilar institutionb or do not is study
-Have SIM C, will majored if have SIM A (can drive)

Qualification special:
-Male/female max. age 35 years (if female have to the kindness to impose cloth of muslimat or neck.)
-Education S1/D3 accountancy
-Mastering financial system, accountancy, and taxation of advance level
-Able to manage office administration, and also able to operate computer excellently (Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point)
-Able to communication in Indonesian and english language better, active and pasif.
-Able to analize financial trouble and accountancy and able give advis to Programmer Software.
-Ready to for domicile in Malang, East Java.
-Experience Minimize 1 year
-Will be majored if comprehending monetary software of accountancy

Delivering letter of application (with grafting number HP/phone which can be contacted) with:
-Photostat certificate 3 (three) sheet (legalize)
-Photostat transcript value 3 (three) sheet (legalize)
-Photostat KTP 1 (one) sheet
-Photostat SIM A and C 1 (one) sheet
-Last photo 2 (two) sheet size 4x6 colour
-Statement: Ready to on duty out town, the other dissimilar institution if have been accepted by a minimum salary request. ready to deliver last diploma (original) if have been expressed to be accepted as by officer.

Letter of application can be ushered by self or sent to:
Direktur Bidang Personalia dan Adm. Umum Jln. Sentani Raya E3-F/26, Malang TTD Panitia Recruitment Pegawai

Info Lowongan RS. Internasional Bintaro

Opening vacancy as:
Asisten Apoteker (female):
taking stock drug and goods quality, preparing, cutting, sdelivering drug and health appliance to patient.
- Education of SMF Or D3 Farmasi
- Experience 2 years

Nutritionist (woman):
executing service nutrient in hospital to ascertain food gift to patient as according to suffered disease condition, quickly, precise, consistence and friendly.
- Education min D3 Nutrient
- Experience 1 year

Age: 21 until 26 years

Vacancy delivered to Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1 Sektor 7 Bintaro Jaya Tangerang Banten
Telp : 021-7455500
E-mail :

Info Lowongan RS. Zahirah

Opening vacancy as Marketing RS, Sanitasi, K3RS
Qualifications: male, age 24 until 30 years, experience min 1 year in it area, have vehicle self

Send vacancy to
Jl. Sirsak No. 21 Jagakarsa Lenteng Agung DKI Jakarta


Opening vacancy as:
1. Team Marketing
2. Part of Promotion.
3. Management Trainee
4. Direct Sales Executive

- Male/female with age 18-30 years
- Min. SLTA
- creative, resilient, discipline and have intregrity
- Owning wide relationship
- Interesting appearance

sent vacancy to:
Phone: 021-31990088 EXT.222

Info Lowongan PT Roll Internusa Mandiri

Opening vacancy as:
Instructor staff (male)
a. Graduate S1 of before 2001, BSN experience teach 5 years, certificate teach
b. Salary on the market start from RM 3000
c. S1, BSN And S2 experience teach 10 years, certificate teach
d. Salary on the market start from RM 4000

Energy (CI) Clinical Instructors (male)
a. Graduate S1 of before 2001, BSN experience 3-5 years
b. Salary on the market start from RM 2500
c. Graduate D3 before 2001 experience 5 years
d. Salary on the market start from 2000

Send Photostat to PO BOX 1551 JKS
o Letter Of Application
o CV
o certificate to practice SPK, D3 AKPER or S1, and more better S2 or S3
o transcript SPK, D3 AKPER or S1 and more better S2 or S3
o Akte
o certificate of teach
o certificate of training
o referensi letter
o ID/KTP/SIM/Pasport

For RS Malaysia have passed test at 15 January 2007 as much 12 nurse ICCU, CCU, COT, OT, ER
Contact : Dita/Esti/Ninuk at RIM
Service 24 hours: 0852 155 41417 and 0813 898 34289 and 0815 858 23180

Vacancy delivered to Jl Gedung Hijau 4 no 16. Pondok Indah. Jakarta 12310
Phone : (+62) 21 706 30559
Fax : (+62) 21 7590 5954
e-mail :

Info Lowongan PT Roll Internusa Mandiri

Opening vacancy as Nurse
Qualifications: Graduate D3 AKPER or S1 before 2003
Send Photostat to PO Box 1551.JKS
o Letter of Application
o CV
o Certificate D3 AKPER or S1,
o Transcript D3 AKPER or S1
o Akte

Send vacancy to Jl Gedung Hijau 4 no 16. Pondok Indah. Jakarta 12310
Phone : (+62) 21 706 30559
Fax : (+62) 21 7590 5954
e-mail :


Opening vacancy as Health Adm.
-Especial Task: As adm for date base of area treatment and also midwifery.
-Age 23 s/d 27 year
D3 graduate Treatment/ D3 Midwifery, able to operational computer better, during active study in the world of organization, muslim.

Vacancy delivered to: Jalan Pengadegan Timur Raya No. 6 Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan. 12770

Info Lowonganan di apartmen berlokasi di daerah Semanggi
Opening vacancy as: a Junior Secretary

-Graduated from Secretarial Academy
-Fresh graduate, have 1 year or more experience will be an advantage
-Fluent in English
-Have Computer skills (MS Word, MS Excell, MS Powerpoint)

send vacancy, CV and with recent photograph to:

Info Lowongan Divisi recruitment Darmawan Swecker and Associates (DSA)

Opening vacancy as:

Salesman (S-CBN)
-Max 25 years
-Education min D3 prever from Management Experience as Sales min. 1 year
-Able to operate computer min. MS Word and MS Excel
-have vehicle self (motorbike)
-Natty appearance, integrity, Friendly & Resilient
-Able to cooperate with team, domicile for location in required district (Cirebon & Bogor)

Marketingc (M-CBN)

-max.35 years
-have experience in marketing 1 year
-Location in Bandung

send vacancy and CV to:
write down position code

or send vacancy and CV to:
Darmawan Swecker and Asociates
Jl. Pulo Kambing II no.9
Kawasan Industri Pulogadung
Jakarta Timur 13920


Opening vacancy as:
1. Men / Female age Max. 35 Years
2. Education Min. D3
3. Ready to strive individually and also in Team
4. Ambition reach for higher level achievement
5. Having Desire Learn Matter which new
6. Mastering English ( Pasif )
7. Having competition soul to go forward

1. Female Age Max 35 Years
2. Education Min. D3
3. Have knowledge about Financial Statement
4. Discipline and on schedule in finishing work
5. Interesting Appearance
6. Able to communicate with goodness and fluent
7. Mastering English ( Pasif )

Send vacanvy to:
Recruitment Division
PT. GATRA MEGA BERJANGKA Cab. Malang Jl. Soekarno Hatta No.4 Kav.2 Malang 65142
close date: February 28, 2007

Info Lowongan PT Langgeng Jaya Makmur

Position as Supervisor production commisioned manage all resource in shares produce so that the production process can walk fluent as according to quality goals, capacities and mount efficiency.

-Age: max. 26 year
-S1 from technique, prefer from college of country or private sector of accreditation
-IP min 2,75
-Not yet married
-Have skill communication and interpersonal and also able to motivate many people
-Have skill as leader, dynamic, creative and proaktif
-Ready to strive

Send vacanvy to:
PT. Langgeng Jaya Makmur, Jl. Dipoyono 14 Guyangan, Kec. Bagor, Kab. Nganjuk
email :
close date : Februari 25, 2007.

Info Lowongan Perusahaan Penambangan Batubara

Opening Vacancy as:

- Female, min. 30 years old
- Bachelor degree in English Literature / overseas graduate will be an advantage
- Min. 5 years experience as Secretary to Director
- Mastering English (Aktive and Pasif)

- Female, max. 30 years old
- Diploma degree from reputable Secretarial Academy
- Min. 3 years experience as Secretary
- Mastering English (Aktive and Pasif)

General Qualifications:
- Ableity to Computer literate
- Ability to speak Mandarin is preferred

Send vacanvy and recent photograph to:
PO. BOX 4661 JKTM 12046 (KODE : D/O)
Close Date: February 25, 2007

Info Lowongan Inbiop Consulting

Opening Vacancy as CONSULTAN

With Qualifications:
-Min. S1, Food Technology, Biology and Farmasi.
-Have experience / knowledge about HACCP & GMP
-Age 24-28 years
-Language english aktif & pasif, Have vehicle personal, SIM C/A
-Able to work in team, Owning leadership soul, earn to communicate with goodness and like Travelling.

Send vacancy to:
Jl Jemursari 76/C-38, Surabaya
close date: Februari 23, 2007

Info Lowongan PT Wom Finance Tbk

Position as Human Resource Development Code : HRD
-Age: 22-28 years
-Education min. S1 Law/Psychology, IPK 2,75
-integrity, persevering, diligent and careful
-Comprehending about Manajemen of Human Resource of Location in Malang area

Position as Credit Collection Officer Code : CCO
-Age: 22-30 years
-Education min. S1 IPK 2,75
-integrity, persevering, diligent and careful
-Able to work hard pressed
-Location in district of East Java

Send vacancy to HRD PT. WOM Finance Cabang Malang : jl. S. Parman 56 kav.A-3 Malang
email :
close date Februari 15, 2007
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