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Info Lowongan Sebagai Student Employee di UPPTI UB

Junior System Administrator (Code:JSYSADMIN)

Technical ability conditions:
- Mastering base hardware.
- Mastering base shell scripting.
- Mastering base TCP/IP link.
- Mastering base Linux administration.
- Mastering base security system.
- Menguasai concept and application operational:
* email server
* web server
* proxy server
* database server
* FTP server
* DNS server
* VPN (virtual private network)
* Firewall
* virtualisasi
- Can work with Linux distro RedHat.

Personal ability conditions:
1. Able to interaction/communication better.
2. able to work team..
3. Ready to work hard pressed
4. Readying to work during yg have been scheduled.
5. Owning strong willingness to learn self-supportingly and
learning something new.
6. Owning strong motivation to develop x'self.
7. Able to make work documentation more majored.

Administration conditions:
1. Student Unibraw from all faculty, majored by coming from related/relevant study program though non compulsion.
2. Minimize generation 2005 and maximal of generation 2003.
3. Curriculum vitae.
4. Foto 4x6 2 sheet.
5. Fotokopi KTM.
6. Write down position code in envelope of letter of application.
7. Closing Date 6 Maret 2007.

Gedung Rektorat Lama Lt.2
Universitas Brawijaya, Malang
Telp. (0341) 551611 ext. 134 langsung +62 341 575878
Email :

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