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Info Lowongan Perusahaan (IT) Malang

Opening Vacancy as: ACCOUNT SECRETARY OFFICER (ASO) with task executing administration and bookkeeping, analyse project expense, observation of execution of project budget, enumeration and Iease reporting, make an audit of and analyse product.

General Qualification:
-Smart, loyal , dedication, ready to strive and able to lead team
-Corporeal health of rokhani, integrity, istiqomah, respectful, and have the interesting personality
-Ready to on duty out town, dissimilar institutionb or do not is study
-Have SIM C, will majored if have SIM A (can drive)

Qualification special:
-Male/female max. age 35 years (if female have to the kindness to impose cloth of muslimat or neck.)
-Education S1/D3 accountancy
-Mastering financial system, accountancy, and taxation of advance level
-Able to manage office administration, and also able to operate computer excellently (Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point)
-Able to communication in Indonesian and english language better, active and pasif.
-Able to analize financial trouble and accountancy and able give advis to Programmer Software.
-Ready to for domicile in Malang, East Java.
-Experience Minimize 1 year
-Will be majored if comprehending monetary software of accountancy

Delivering letter of application (with grafting number HP/phone which can be contacted) with:
-Photostat certificate 3 (three) sheet (legalize)
-Photostat transcript value 3 (three) sheet (legalize)
-Photostat KTP 1 (one) sheet
-Photostat SIM A and C 1 (one) sheet
-Last photo 2 (two) sheet size 4x6 colour
-Statement: Ready to on duty out town, the other dissimilar institution if have been accepted by a minimum salary request. ready to deliver last diploma (original) if have been expressed to be accepted as by officer.

Letter of application can be ushered by self or sent to:
Direktur Bidang Personalia dan Adm. Umum Jln. Sentani Raya E3-F/26, Malang TTD Panitia Recruitment Pegawai

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